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PLEASE follow the install instructions below
PLEASE make a Nandroid backup incase something fails You use this rom at your own risk
P.S Please remember this is  MANUP456's Revolution theme for the EVO I've just ported it for my Digital DetoX Rom and edited the notification bar and battery & used a few different widgets If you like my rom please support it by Donating what you can and thanks

Clockworkmod Instructions: Place file anywhere on your sdcard, boot into recovery, select install zip from sdcard, choose zip from sdcard, and select the appropriate zip fileSPRecovery Instructions: Rename file to, place on the root of your sdcard meaning not in a folder on your sdcard, boot into recovery

Installing Keyboard - unzip the .zip file and place the .apk on your s.d and install with any file manager you are using. Once you have installed the .apk you will need to go to settings/Language and Keyboard select HTC_IME mod, now that thats selected we need to set the keyboard as default so hold a text box till input method pops up and select the HTC_IME mod and DONE. 

Installing icon set - Unzip the .zip file and put the folder with the icons on your s.d use any program that allows custom like Bettercut or LauncherPRO etc... 

Installing Fonts - Place the .zip on s.d and flash as you would a rom. 

Installing LauncherPRO Docks - Place the dock in the LauncherPro Docks folder on your s.d preference/Appearance/docks and select custom now select the dock and done. 

Installing Alt_BOOT - Place .zip on s.d and go to recovery if you dont know and flash away. 

Installing_Transparent_apps .zip - Place .zip and flash as you would the theme or a rom. 

Installing_Transparent_apps Signed - This .zip of apps can extracted to s.d and installed individually with any app installer. 

Installing_Wallpaper - Extract the folder from the .zip and put on the root of your S.D and apply the wallpaper as normal.


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looking great but Where is the download link ?

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