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Digital DetoX 5.43B-Links down will update when i get off of work

Download Digital Detox HERE-Links are down will update rom & page later on today when I get off work..
Comment if you have any questions 

Heres the build info on Digital DetoX 5.43B
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Base theme -& Most add on's made by Manup456 LINK
I've ported it to my rom and customizd the dropdown bar & Lock screen bar-"Transparent"

UPDATED 8-25-10
- Base Rom- FRG22 

Add On's: Download here unzip and extract to SD card 

- All is included in the Add On's Zip above - Keyboard 
- Wallpaper Pack
- Transparent_Apps
- Overclocked Kernals 
-LauncherPro Docks 
- LauncherPro Icons  Credit to Manup456 for creating these icon
- Manup's Evo Font  

Overclock Kernals
Here-Credit Chevyno1

Widgets you can download from the market

*Weather Forcast Widget*-paid app
*Last call widget*
*Smooth Calander*
*D-Clock Widget*

Clockworkmod Instructions: Place file anywhere on your sdcard, boot into recovery, select install zip from sdcard, choose zip from sdcard, and select the appropriate zip file
SPRecovery Instructions: Rename file to, place on the root of your sdcard meaning not in a folder on your sdcard, boot into recovery

PLEASE make a Nandroid backup incase something fails You use this rom at your own risk 

Installing Keyboard - unzip the .zip file and place the .apk on your s.d and install with any file manager you are using. Once you have installed the .apk you will need to go to settings/Language and Keyboard select HTC_IME mod, now that thats selected we need to set the keyboard as default so hold a text box till input method pops up and select the HTC_IME mod and DONE.

Installing icon set - Unzip the .zip file and put the folder with the icons on your s.d use any program that allows custom like Bettercut or LauncherPRO etc...

Installing Fonts - Place the .zip on s.d and flash as you would a rom.

Installing LauncherPRO Docks - Place the dock in the LauncherPro Docks folder on your s.d preference/Appearance/docks and select custom now select the dock and done.

Installing Alt_BOOT - Place .zip on s.d and go to recovery if you dont know and flash away.

Installing_Transparent_apps .zip - Place .zip and flash as you would the theme or a rom.

Installing_Transparent_apps Signed - This .zip of apps can extracted to s.d and installed individually with any app installer.

Installing_Wallpaper - Extract the folder from the .zip and put on the root of your S.D and apply the wallpaper as normal.


Exodus said...

lol nice man i really dig this so i purchased LauncherPro Plus i have v7.6.0 will my widgets be themed and also do you have espn scorecenter themed as well?

DaveD said...

I am uploading the rom all stock widgets are themed i will upload the icon pack as well it's from manup's evo theme if you like my rom please donate


MikeSuds said...

I dont seem to see the wallpaper in the screenshots here in the the walls folder...

MikeSuds said...

Also, only paid market apps show up in downloads and nothing syncs. am I missing something?

DaveD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DaveD said...

Mike did you wipe before flashing? im running this on my phone as we speak and have no issues with the market not showing apps??

MikeSuds said...

I did wipe, maybe I shouldnt have? I am always confused about wiping. but now that I think about it, 2.2 > 2.2 maybe no wipe?

DaveD said...

yea im not sure try to restart and if that does not work try clearing the catchy in the market app go to manage apps then market then clear

Kiril Vatev said...

all of the links say that they are set to private. is this a mistake, or do you really not want us to download them?

DaveD said...

links are not private

Laurence said...

same for me if i wipe data/cache before flashing my market won't sync back up like every other rom out does

Zach S said...

where can we get the wallpaper u use in the screenshots? it's not in the folder....

Matt said...

Do you need to be rooted to install a font? I went into recovery mode, but only have the option to use "". I cannot view any of the other zips. Do I need to rename the font zip to ""?

Stephen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephen said...

hey really love this theme and extremely want it! i'm on a new out of the box freshly rooted droid incredible with 2.2 and everytime i try and install the digitaldetox theme i get "assert failed getprop ro.product.device". help please?!

DaveD said...

THIS rom is for the Droid 1 you need to be rooted to install it and the font's

Dan said...

Won't let me download. Tells me it's private.

Ronald said...

how did you get d clock so big ?

MikeSuds said...

Where is the wallpaper from these screenshots??????

Anonymous said...

dave could you update that add-ons link? thanks man

jack said...

download links r down any other way to download

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